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Staying in Kent - enjoy your very own in-house stylist


A Paediatric Nurse for 15 years, Arabella has always loved working with people and has a natural rapport with her clients. Her love of fashion led her to a change in career, and after training at the London College of Style she now has a special expertise in personal style and colour consultation. She is a self-confessed leopard print enthusiast, lover of hoop earrings, bright colours and all things cheerful and believes we should all feel fabulous and have fun with what we wear.

We can recommend Arabella’s wardrobe edit. She will help style your wardrobe, creating capsule collections out of your existing pieces and help you decide if there are any key items missing. The edit includes a complimentary Zoom session for an initial chat and then a home visit of three hours. She will look at your body shape and style personality and help refine your wardrobe so it really works for you. A wardrobe edit is £240 for 3 to 3.5 hours.

A colour analysis with Arabella can help to find the right colours to wear for your skin tone and totally transform how you look and feel. During the session Arabella will use coloured drapes to establish which of the 4 colour seasons you are. She will give you helpful advice on how to wear your seasonal colour and inject more colour into your wardrobe. The session lasts 1 to 1.5 hours and is £110.

Arabella can help with event styling and boost your confidence in advance of a wedding, a date or an interview. She also offers bespoke personal shopping packages, colour parties and group talks on colour psychology and the impact of colour.

Wondering how to elevate your weekend

How about a colour analysis party?

Arabella is a Personal Stylist and colour consultant who can help restore your mojo and inject some colour and personality into your wardrobe. A colour party will help you understand which colours suit your skin tone and how to incorporate them into your wardrobe. Plus we can chat about hair and makeup too!

Wearing the right colours for your skin tone can totes transform how you look and feel. You’ll find your skin will suddenly glow, your eyes will be brighter and it can give you SO MUCH confidence! Honestly, you won’t believe the power of colour, it’s amazing. Wearing the wrong colours can age you dramatically, make you and your skin look tired and even affect your mood. Colour analysis opens the door to a whole world of joy and once you know your colours, you will never go back, I promise!
Just bring the bubbles!

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Individual sessions £110 pp 1.5 hours
Groups of 3- 8 people maximum ( £45 pp)

Invite Arabella for a fun-filled afternoon of colour and styling whilst staying in one of our amazing Kent properties: