Going on holiday with a group of friends can be lots of fun. Whether you plan a beach getaway, a road trip or a country escape, the memories you make will last a lifetime. However, organising a large group holiday has its challenges. There are lots of different opinions and ideas to consider, and it can be difficult to please everyone. 

With some careful planning and the right preparation, you and your friends can still have a stress-free and enjoyable holiday. So, to help you ensure that you have a UK holiday to remember for all of the right reasons, below we have put together some useful tips. Whether you’re going away with five friends or fifteen, these tips should come in handy. 

Establish a Budget

Before you start planning your group holiday, it’s important to decide on a budget that works for everyone. If you’re going to be splitting travel expenses and accommodation costs evenly between you, you need to make sure everyone will be able to afford the trip. Ask everyone how much they can afford to spend on the holiday and then decide on a realistic budget. Don’t forget to take into consideration spending money when you’re budgeting too. 

Decide on a Destination

This can be one of the hardest decisions when you’re planning a large group holiday and you will need to consider everyone’s interests and hobbies when choosing a destination. Try to narrow down holiday destinations by deciding which type of holiday you’d like to have. For example, if you want a relaxing weekend in the countryside, the Cotswolds is a great choice. Whereas, the Kent coast would be better if you want to spend a weekend by the sea. You may have to negotiate a little bit if there are several destinations people are interested in.

Make a List of Must-Have Facilities

To help you choose the right group accommodation, you should find out what facilities everyone would like to have. This is particularly important if you’re going to be spending a lot of time at the accommodation catching up with one another. Often, for large group holidays, having a spacious living area and dining room is important, this enables everyone to sit together during meal times. You may also be interested in additional extras like a private bar, hot tub, swimming pool or games room, as these facilities can help to make the holiday more enjoyable. 

Find a Suitably-Sized Holiday Home

For group holidays, private holiday cottages are very popular. Having a whole property to yourselves has several benefits and booking a large house is often the most cost-effective option when you’re going away with a large group. It’s key to ensure you’re finding a property that is big enough to sleep the number of people going on the trip. You also need to check that there are plenty of bathrooms in a large holiday home. The accommodation you book can make or break a trip, so take your time to find the perfect large cottage. 

Research the Local Area

Once you know where you’re going to be staying, research the local area to ensure you get the most out of your trip. Look for the best restaurants, tourist attractions and activities you can enjoy whilst you’re there. It can be useful to make a list of the places everyone wants to visit and the things everyone wants to do during the holiday too. This will help you plan an itinerary that everyone agrees on and enable you to make the most of each day. 

Searching for Large Houses and Holiday Lets in the Cotswolds?

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