Whether you’re planning a family holiday during the summer months or a walking holiday in the winter, the Kent coast is a brilliant place to visit. With 350 miles of sandy beaches, shingle bays and white cliffs, this part of the country is perfect for any type of holiday and there are plenty of coastal towns and villages to explore during your trip. 

If you’re planning a getaway to the Kent coast and you’re not sure where to start, we are here to help. At The Holiday Cottage Collection, we have several coastal holiday cottages available to book all year round and we can help you to find the perfect base for your break. To help you get started with your holiday planning, below we have put together a list of useful tips that can make organising a trip to the Kent coast much easier. 

Do some research into coastal towns 

Since Kent is such a large county and there are several seaside towns and villages to visit, it’s beneficial to do some research into what each part of Kent has to offer before booking your next coastal break. Some coastal towns will likely be more suited to your holiday than others, for example, towns like Margate and Broadstairs are perfect for families and they’re more lively than other seaside destinations like Sandgate and Dymchurch. 

Doing some research into the different areas along the Kent coast will help you to book accommodation in the right location for your holiday. When you’re well-located, you won’t have to spend lots of time driving to other coastal towns and you can enjoy everything that the local area has to offer during your seaside break. 

Visit at the right time of the year 

Like lots of other seaside towns throughout the UK, many towns situated along the Kent coast will be much busier during the summer months. Not only is this due to the warmer weather, but there tends to be more for holidaymakers to do in the summer too as some tourist attractions and activities will only be open during the ‘peak’ holiday season. 

If you are going on a family-friendly holiday and want to fill your days with seaside activities, it’s often beneficial to visit the Kent coast during the spring or summer months. However, if you are planning a quiet getaway and you want to do lots of walking, so it doesn’t matter if tourist attractions are closed, then it could be more beneficial to go away during the autumn or winter. Think about the type of holiday you want and what your specific needs are when deciding which time of the year you should go on your seaside holiday. 

Always look for local indoor activities

The weather in the UK can be very unpredictable and whenever you’re going on a coastal break, it’s beneficial to find some indoor activities you can do locally, just in case the weather prevents you from going to the seaside. Thankfully, there are lots of different tourist attractions in Kent that can be enjoyed whatever the weather and you won’t have to travel far to find something to do if it’s raining and miserable outside. It’s useful to have a list of indoor activities to hand, so you’re prepared if the weather takes a turn for the worse. 

Book a private holiday let 

Whenever you’re planning a trip to the Kent coast, it is beneficial to book a holiday home. This type of accommodation is popular all year round and it’s a great alternative to a hotel. Having a private holiday let will provide you with some peace and quiet during the busy summer months, and you won’t have to share facilities with others. Holiday cottages are cosier in the winter too and they are the perfect place to relax after a busy day exploring. 

There are several coastal cottages in Kent to choose from, many of which are only a short walk away from local amenities, so you won’t struggle to find somewhere to book for your trip. With a range of pet-friendly holiday lets available too, you won’t have to leave anyone behind. 

Booking holiday lets on the Kent coast

Taking everything mentioned above into consideration should make planning your next holiday slightly easier. If you are looking for holiday lets on the Kent coast, be sure to check out the different properties on The Holiday Cottage Collection website. We have a range of holiday cottages to book that are just a stone’s throw away from the sea and will provide you with the perfect place to relax, recharge and explore the Kent coast. If you have any questions about our seaside cottages in Kent, feel free to get in touch with us today.