The warm summer months are known for being the busiest time of the year for UK staycations and lots of individuals, couples and families alike enjoy exploring different parts of the country when the sun is shining. However, the winter months are also a great time to book a getaway. Once you’ve taken down your Christmas decorations and the festivities are over, you should think about booking a getaway in January. There are so many benefits to booking a holiday home in the countryside to start the new year off in the best way. 

Below we have listed five of the main reasons why you should book a weekend away with family or friends in January. 

  • Beat the January blues

January is known for being one of the most miserable months of the year and once the festive season is over, lots of people feel quite lethargic. Going on holiday is one of the best ways to beat the January blues and a staycation in the English countryside can lift your spirits. A weekend away will give you some time to reflect on the festive period and set some goals or resolutions for the new year, so you have the motivation you need to kick-start 2023. 

  • Relax and recharge after the festive period

It’s fair to say that December is a hectic month, the majority of people will be very busy at work and also have several social events to attend, giving them no time to relax. If you have been entertaining family and friends over the festive period too, you will likely need a break and booking a January getaway is a great way to recharge your batteries. Spending some time walking through areas of outstanding natural beauty and reading a book by the fire in a holiday cottage will help you to de-stress so you can tackle whatever the new year brings. 

  • Book a bargain holiday 

The winter months are classed as the ‘off-peak’ season for UK holidays and it’s usually more affordable to go on holiday at this time of the year. You will likely be able to book a cosy holiday cottage in a desirable location, such as the Cotswolds, for less than it would be at another time of the year and you can enjoy a break without worrying about how much it costs. There will probably be more accommodation options to choose from in January too as fewer people are booking holidays, and you won’t struggle to find a budget-friendly holiday home. 

  • Enjoy the peace and quiet

As mentioned above, January is in the off-peak season in the travel industry and therefore, popular holiday destinations will be much quieter. It will be easier to book tickets for tourist attractions and tables at restaurants at this time of the year, and you won’t have to contend with lots of other holidaymakers. You can embrace the peace and quiet of the countryside, and enjoy the tranquillity of your surroundings without bumping into crowds of people. 

  • Explore new parts of the UK 

Lots of people have a holiday bucket list and booking a January getaway provides you with the opportunity to tick a location off your list. Going on holiday at a quieter time of the year will enable you to explore places you would usually avoid because they’re very busy or expensive in the warmer months. This time of the year is perfect to travel to new places in the UK and stay in areas you wouldn’t usually be able to visit. 

Booking a Cotswolds holiday cottage for January 

It’s undeniably worthwhile booking a January getaway for 2023 and you can guarantee that you will have an amazing time relaxing in the beautiful English countryside, whatever the weather may be like outside. If you’re interested in staying in the Cotswolds for your next holiday, explore The Holiday Cottage Collection website today. We have several Cotswolds holiday cottages to choose from that are perfect for relaxing and they are ideal for a January holiday. 

Our handpicked collection of authentic Cotswolds cottages are clean, comfortable and cosy, and they are a great choice for any self-catering holiday. You can trust that you will have a spectacular staycation whenever you book one of our holiday cottages and if you need some help finding the best place to stay, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.