When planning a holiday, lots of people are swapping exotic trips abroad for getaways in the UK. Staycations have become more and more popular over the last few years, and there are so many benefits to staying in the UK for your next short break or week away. Not only are UK holidays more affordable, but they’re less stressful to plan too and they provide the perfect escape from the responsibilities of day-to-day life. 

Although there are lots of different types of UK holidays, from city breaks to seaside breaks, cottage holidays are often the first choice for families organising a trip away. Escaping to the country and having your own home away from home can be lots of fun, and cottage holidays are perfect for the whole family. Below we have explored some of the main reasons why so many people are booking cottages in some of the UK’s best holiday destinations. 

Escape the hustle and bustle of the city 

Unlike city breaks that can be quite chaotic, cottage holidays allow you to relax and recharge. You can relish the true peace and quiet of the countryside when you rent a cottage for your next holiday, and you can do as much or as little as you like whilst you’re away. If you work in a busy town or city, taking a break from the hubbub of modern life is a brilliant way to de-stress and this can have a big impact on your overall wellbeing. 

A peaceful week in a cosy cottage gives you the chance to enjoy life at a different pace too. You can do all of the things you don’t usually have time for, such as reading a book or playing a board game. Since a holiday cottage is a home away from home, you can truly relax and unwind, and you will have a range of facilities and home comforts that will help you do so. 

Explore the road less travelled

Holiday cottages are situated in beautiful countryside locations and they are the perfect base for you to enjoy the tranquillity of your surroundings and breathe in the fresh air. When you’re on a cottage holiday, you can get off the beaten track and explore everything a local area has to offer, from country pubs to Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty. You can even book dog-friendly cottages, so your four-legged friends can explore the Great British countryside with you. 

Many people don’t realise just how many breathtaking places there are in the UK and there is so much to see and do when you escape to the countryside. Whether you enjoy scenic hikes and long walks through woodlands or you’d prefer to find somewhere for a picnic and to watch the sunset, you will have plenty of options to explore during your trip. 

Spend meaningful time with family and friends

You don’t always have time to sit around and catch up with family and friends whilst you’re on holiday, especially if you have a busy itinerary of activities planned. Cottage holidays enable you to reconnect with your loved ones and you can enjoy relaxing together and making lots of special memories. Of course, you can still book some family activities to fill your days with fun if you want to and there will be plenty to do in the local area. 

Whether you’re celebrating a birthday or an anniversary, or you simply want to go on holiday with the people you care about, when you book a large holiday cottage you can spend some much-needed time together. Depending on how far away your holiday cottage is, friends and family can always visit you for a day or two whilst you’re away too. 

The options are endless

The holiday home market is continually growing and you will be spoilt for choice when deciding which cottage to book for your next holiday. No matter what your wants and needs may be, whether you’d like a spacious living area with an open-plan kitchen or a garden with a BBQ and swimming pool, you will be able to find a holiday cottage that ticks all of your boxes. Most cottages will also be fully equipped with everything you need to enjoy your stay, so you won’t have to worry about packing lots of homeware essentials for your trip. 

Arranging a Kent cottage holiday

It’s no surprise that cottage holidays are so popular these days and if you’re planning a staycation, it’s beneficial to explore the different holiday cottages available to rent. Here at The Holiday Cottage Collection, we have the perfect solution for anyone arranging a Kent cottage holiday and we can help you to find the perfect holiday home away from the hullabaloo.

Our range of authentic holiday cottages in Kent are clean and comfortable. They are the ideal base if you want to explore The Garden of England and rekindle your love of the English countryside. Feel free to explore our website today and view the properties available to rent. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact our team, we’re always happy to help.